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Exterior mod's advise

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Hey, whats going on. Could anyone recoment a good site for modifiing the new Mustang GT, (exterior modifications expecialy). Thanks for the help.
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Here's a start. But as far as I'm concerned, the only thing the new GT needs is a hood scoop or shaker.

Don't go and rice it out, or we'll have to beat you!
Check this one out...

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They don't have any mustags on display but can can get several ideas on how to do yours.
thats all i have to say.
Show car

In my opinion the original show car was a better looker than the production cars. Check out the kit at

This kit was developed with advice from Ford designers, and looks dead on for the show car. It isn't cheap, but the look will get stares just like the show car did.

As for which manufacturers to buy from, I'd avoid Cervini and the other off-brands. First tier suppliers like CDC, Saleen, and Roush are the best bets, though this Xenon kit looks to be their attempt to break into the top ranks.

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