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extra oil in rebuilt 6 cylinder

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I just had a rebuilt 6 cylinder put in my 1966 Mustang. The shop put 5 qts of oil in rather than the specified 4.5 qts. I didn't notice until I had driven it 500 miles. I took it back for some final things that weren't done the first time. I mentioned that they put too much oil in. After they changed the oil again, it is again .5 qts too much. Will this damage the engine? I plan on draining the extra .5 qt if it is a problem.


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i'd leave it in there, i personally run my sbf at a full 5 aswell
Ive actually measured the distance that the crank goes down into the pan and the distance the oil goes up at the full mark and there is a good inch of space between the two. If you also understand that this measurement is only accurate when it isn't running then the distance between the two gets bigger because the oil that is running through the engine is up in the crank,block and head and is returning to the pan. I have run an extra quart in my 65 200 making the oil level about 1/2 inch higher up the stick than full during the summer here in Texas. It helps the engine stay cooler and reduces oil breakdown along with keeping the oil pressure a little higher. I'd leave it in.
.5 quart should not mess with a thing.
Half a quart should not be a problem. Too much oil lets the crank bearings splash in the oil and not cool well. I am an aircraft mechanic and tend to follow the manufactures instructions explicitly and would drain the excess half quart. Good luck!
How are you determaining the extra oil? I ran a straight six in my maveric for 4 years and always ran 5 quarts instead of 4.5. Never had any problems. Also what filter are they installing. I remember there being 2 different filters for my 6. One was about 4 inches tall and the other was around 6 inches. The size differene could cause the dip stick to read off.
Thank you. I have the standard oil filter.
I appreciate all the suggestions

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