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extra oil in rebuilt 6 cylinder

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I just had a rebuilt 6 cylinder put in my 1966 Mustang. The shop put 5 qts of oil in rather than the specified 4.5 qts. I didn't notice until I had driven it 500 miles. I took it back for some final things that weren't done the first time. I mentioned that they put too much oil in. After they changed the oil again, it is again .5 qts too much. Will this damage the engine? I plan on draining the extra .5 qt if it is a problem.


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How are you determaining the extra oil? I ran a straight six in my maveric for 4 years and always ran 5 quarts instead of 4.5. Never had any problems. Also what filter are they installing. I remember there being 2 different filters for my 6. One was about 4 inches tall and the other was around 6 inches. The size differene could cause the dip stick to read off.
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