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factory svo on ebay

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hey i just found this svo on ebay from the factory it was an svo figured someone might want one or see on on the site if anyone does buy it from the site leave a post saying you did.:gringreen
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probably not as rare as a 1978-83 Mercury Zephyr Z7 2.3L or a Ford Fairmont 2.3L Turbo...those two cars barely exsist.
That one is in pretty good shape. You think you may get her?
no way i would love to but my 93 2.3 5spd is my first car for $950 so there is no way that would happento expensive dont have money im planning on a 5.0 either buy all the parts and put them in or buy a wrecked 5.0 hatch put the 5.0 in the notchback and put 2.3 in the hatch and make the hatch svo after fixing it.
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what exactly does svo stand for and if you drop a turbo on a stock 2.3 would that make it an svo? educate a chevy guy please
i dont know what svo stands for yet but i do know that you cant just throw a turbo on your engine it would explode from the psi you put in it you would have to rebuild your engine and put forged pistons in it i dont know what you would have to change in the driveline maybe someone else knows.

S V O = Special Vehicle Operations, later to change to S V T = Special
Vehicle Team

Some one slap me if I got that wrong!:wavey
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Correct. SVO is Special Vehicle Operations. The Mustang SVO was produced in 1984, 1985, and 1986 only with a grand total of about 9000 produced. They were all equipped with the 2.3L turbo I4 engine. Early SVOs produced 175hp. Later, they were 200hp. They were all equipped with a T5 manual with "Hurst designed shifter." The suspension was slightly altered with different front control arms and a different shock configuration in the rear. They were all 5 lug, 4 wheel disc brake from the factory as well. If there is any other info on the SVO you want, let me know. I have quite a few good information sources on them.
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could you swap the disc brakes from an svo to a 93 2.3 for instance i have one and i want rear disc brakes.
You can, however, the SVO is 5 lug, and also parts are very very rare. My suggestion to you if you want 4 wheel disc is find a junked thunderbird turbocoupe (1987 or 1988). They have a rear disc brake setup and are 4 lug to match your fronts. The turbocoupe rears are a lot more common and can be found fairly easily at a salvage yard. If you do go to a 4 wheel disc setup, you will also have to change out your proportioning valve. You can get nice aftermarket adjustable valves so that's no biggie.
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There are some other differences in the SVO as well....

*Different K member
*Thicker sway bars
*Different rated springs
*Koni adjustable struts
*Different Rack and Pinion valving
*The interior is totally unique as well
*The front bumper cover and headlights are all their own.
*Early 84s had slapper bars (traction bars) and Koni adjustables in the rear. After that, all SVOs had Koni quad shocks with the vertical shocks being adjustable
*The 85.5 SVO had 205 HP
*the SVO had different head and cam
*And you would need the entire wiring harness for a turbo computer.
*84s were equipped with a Non World Class T5
*To mod your rear for 5 lug disc, you can get SVO length axles from Moser. But then you need the caliper mounting brackets as well. You would also need the front and rear mounts for quad shocks. Then, there is the issue of the different master cylinder. And then the booster for the MC.
You can go all SN-95 stuff and call it a day, and have money to spend for beer as well. Plenty of it in Salvage yards and cheap.

The SVO died because of the sticker price. People saw a 4 cylinder under the hood and almost double the sticker of a 5.0 and said screw that. Little did they know that the turbo 4 cyl would woop the 5.0 and outhandle it.
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