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factory svo on ebay

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hey i just found this svo on ebay from the factory it was an svo figured someone might want one or see on on the site if anyone does buy it from the site leave a post saying you did.:gringreen
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There are some other differences in the SVO as well....

*Different K member
*Thicker sway bars
*Different rated springs
*Koni adjustable struts
*Different Rack and Pinion valving
*The interior is totally unique as well
*The front bumper cover and headlights are all their own.
*Early 84s had slapper bars (traction bars) and Koni adjustables in the rear. After that, all SVOs had Koni quad shocks with the vertical shocks being adjustable
*The 85.5 SVO had 205 HP
*the SVO had different head and cam
*And you would need the entire wiring harness for a turbo computer.
*84s were equipped with a Non World Class T5
*To mod your rear for 5 lug disc, you can get SVO length axles from Moser. But then you need the caliper mounting brackets as well. You would also need the front and rear mounts for quad shocks. Then, there is the issue of the different master cylinder. And then the booster for the MC.
You can go all SN-95 stuff and call it a day, and have money to spend for beer as well. Plenty of it in Salvage yards and cheap.

The SVO died because of the sticker price. People saw a 4 cylinder under the hood and almost double the sticker of a 5.0 and said screw that. Little did they know that the turbo 4 cyl would woop the 5.0 and outhandle it.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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