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fall photos

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well it wasnt too bad of a day ...went for a cruise ////warm when the sun is on you....but the cruising days for this year are limited its getting colder.....took my annual fall pics today


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Yep winter will be here soon. Were gonna get 2 nice days this comming wednsday and thursday, it's suppos-to be sunnand and in the low 70's. But then this comming saturday the high is only gonna be 49, then a drastic change after that. After the record warn summer we had Im sure we'll pay for it this winter with lots of Lake Effect Snow Storms.
So enjoy the last few days while you can, I'll get a few more crusies in then she's in the garage for the winter.
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Pretty soon the vert will be under a cover in the garage until April?
Truly gorgeous. I especially love the flow of the paint to the smoked taillights.
thanx so much for the compliments ...i squeezed another top down drive today down the freeway and than on to the highway.......looks good for tommorow....+19 degrees....than the weather is going to DROP!!!!faster than my top
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