The latest sweet, sweet Lego build is one you might not have expected. It's from a really big fan of Hoonigan racing. It's the Hoonicorn. In brick form.

This one isn't exactly official. It's the work of a fan. And you can see the build posted to , a site for custom Lego kits. Lachlan Cameron, who built this special Mustang, has been building custom lego creations for years. Even though you can't pick this one up from the factory, Cameron has made the instructions and parts list available for you.

The car itself is a recreation of the V2 RTR Hoonicorn Mustang. With a surprising amount of detail including twin-turbskis, a handbrake, and even a working transmission with sequential taillights. It has electric power to turn all four-wheels and RC steering. That's right, you can drive this drift this one around your kitchen floor. Though maybe don't, cause RC tires aren't great for linoleum. Don't ask how I know that. The car is also more than a foot long making it a pretty big Lego car.