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Fan hitting shroud 1968 mustang 302

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I have a 68 mustang fastback with a J-code 302 & factory a/c.My problem is my fan is hitting the bottom of my fan shroud?I did a total resto ,orig. engine,fan,but Idid replace the motor mounts ?The shroud is new,but Im fairly sure it is the correct one 24" with a/c,68-69 302,I hope someone may have an answer?
Thank you!
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That fan is way to big, the correct size is 18-19 inches :wavey
It is the orig. 5 blade fan,and it measures 17 1/4 in. in dia.
then the shroud is either the wrong one or not mounted right
Only one way to mount that shroud ,and not 100% sure if the shroud ,but thats the one they list for 302 24" radiator,a/c?
Where do you get the correct fan size shoud be 18-19 in.dia?Mine is 17 1/4 dia it is the correct fan it come with the car 41 years ago.So my fan is not way to big? mybe your clintons told you my fan shoud be 18-19 in. dia?Thanks for your help lol.
If you can't even figure out why a fan is hitting the shroud, I wouldn't laugh at someone who takes the time to try and help you. I originally thought you said you had a 24" fan. Post some pics and part numbers. :wavey
I was just getting on here to post a similar problem. I feel like such a knucklehead right now because installing a new shroud shouldn't be that difficult. I purchased what was called a high performance 3 1/2 inch abs plastic shroud. I have an a aluminum radiator and a 17 inch fan. The fan hits the shroud at the bottom. I can't seem to figure out which should be the top on the shroud, and which direction the brackets on the side should be going up or going down. I will take some pictures and post them tomorrow. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks,
I am thinking of adding a shroud to mine, but my fan (stock 4 blade) almost hits the trans cooler lines, has 1/4 inch clearance, so I know there is no way a shroud would even fit!
Yeah, that is part of the issue. I have to push the shroud down onto the trans. cooler lines so that it will clear the fan. I have removed the trans. cooler lines to get this to fit correctly and will most likely run a seperate trans. cooler. At this point I may just throw an electric fan on there; remove the shroud and see how it does. My stock metal shroud was very tight, but because it was metal I could bend it to clear the fan. I may also go with a smaller fan. If I could get a 15 inch fan, that would give me a couple of inches clearance. I have been thinking about slotting the shroud a bit more on the sides to see if I could drop it down enough to clear the fan. I am not sure what I will do.
Its no big deal, mine use to as well. I just took the shroud off cut it about an inch back ONLY from the bottom and put it back. Wala problem fixed.
The shroud is cut back from the radiator side on the top and the bottom. One of them (top or bottom) is cut back more than the other, and I think the one that is cut back the most is the bottom, but it seems to fit better with the one that isn't cut back so much on the bottom. I just got a new overflow so I will be attempting to install that tonight too.
Actually, now that I think about it; I have my trans. cooler lines and fittings removed from the radiator and it is still hitting the fan on the bottom of the shroud. It seems to be more fitment issue with the brackets and shroud than with the radiator. I am going to slot the brackets and shroud to lower the shroud more.
I dont know if using afer market motor mounts could change the height of the engine enough?That is the only part I changed before I had this problem?Ive had a couple of mca judges look,and they were'nt sure either?
I had a stock radiator in my car previously and didn't have any trouble until I put this aluminum radiator in here and then it had the stock shroud. I believe my problem may be related to the position of the mounting holes in the radiator. I am going to slot the holes in the shroud a bit and let you know what happens.
I discovered the problem with my setup and thought I would pass it along in case this is a problem for others. It looks like I have used the radiator support. I am not sure if that is the correct name, but the frame-like piece that the radiator sits on top of. I have used that it appears to jack up the car in the front, because it was bent upward causing my radiator to sit higher than it should. I pulled the radiator, fan and stuff, and took a hammer and bent that back down so it was level. Whent he radiator went back in everything sat as it should. You can see this from the front of the car underneath. I was trying to connect trans. cooler lines when I noticed it. Hope it helps.
I know this is apples and oranges, but I have a '66 and had the same problem. My first attempt was to flare the shroud slightly at the bottom where it would hit. That worked, sort of. Then I tried changing motor mounts because someone had the idea that they could have become oil soaked and collapsed over time. Sounded plausible to me. That didn't work, so I made shims out of some 1/2" washers. I cut into one side to make a C shim similar to an alignment shim. then loosened the motor mount and jacked up the engine, insterted the shim, and that worked. I can't explain why the front of the engine sits lower. I wondered about the trans mount. This all started when I replaced the tranny mount to cure a vibration problem I had. I assumed it raised the back of the engine, and lowered the front. I haven't a clue, this is just what I did to fix the problem.
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