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Fat Knobs

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Has anyone heard anything pro or con about Fat Knobs? I'm looking for a replacement and want something to fit the cars retro theme. I've seen all the ones from MGW, Mustang Tuning, etc. but none of them have been to my liking. I had a real nice fat one from my '65 2+2, but it wont fit the new threads. I'm looking for something 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" diameter.
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Hurst makes shift balls for Mustangs. They are white in color with the shift pattern engraved in them for 5 speeds. has this one that fits late model Mustangs the part # 530-163-0014 with a 12mm X 1.75 thread, sells for a bout $30. I had one on my 03 GT with stock shifter. Just make sure of the thread size if you buy it. You can't get much more nostalgic than these.:laughlitt
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