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Fays2 Watts Link bolt backing out?

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Yesterday, I noticed one of the bolts sticking out about a quarter of an inch or so from being fully seated. It is located in one of the arms of the Watts link where it goes into a tube that clamps onto the driver side rear axle.

Here is an old picture of the area in question.

Is there a reason that it sticks out on purpose, such as centering the body over the axle or something.

As I say, this is an old picture. There has been work done since this picture, including moving the body a half inch in order to center things.

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Can you turn the bolt easily? If you can I would take it out, use some lok tite and put it back in tight. IF it is tight then i have no idea. Thats just what i would do. But im not a professional.
I think you are right.

I just got off the phone with Jim at Fays2 and he said the way to center the body over the axle is to loosen the axle clamps themselves and move them along the axle.

Therefore, tightening the bolt in question should not interfere with the body centering as it exists currently.

I guess later today, I will attempt to screw the bolt in. I hope it moves. It is certainly not able to be moved with my fingers.
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Well apparently it is tight already, I put everything I had into it and it it does not budge either direction.

I marked the bolt so I can check to see if moves at a later date after driving for a while.

I visited a local shop in Loveland called SRC Performance.

Apparently all is well and there are spacers on the driver's side where the bolts go through the pivot arm into the axle clamp. When they looked at everything, they said there was a method to the madness, ie that it had to be installed the way it is.

The bolt is not stripped as they were able to get leverage with a 1.5 foot ratchet.
The bolt will turn both in and out.

Arg pirates though, the pinion seal is leaking. That will get repaired in a coupe of days.
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