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Few Questions on drivetrain

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How hard is the c-4 to T-5 swap on a 65 coupe? and how much does it cost to do the swap? also, what transmission is the AOD? What cars came with one that i could get one out of at the local pick and pull?

Next, what cars came with ford 8 inch limited slip or trac locks? I am swaping my 2.80 rear gears for 3.55 and really need to have both of the wheels spinning!
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HiPo's were 9"; all other early V8s were 8".

Anyone with $41.30 (plus tax) to spare could order a limited slip rear end in the early cars which Ford called an Equa-lok. Radios cost just a little more and an A/C unit cost 7.5X as much. It didn't actually lock but had a set of friction clutches. My 2.80 is a limited slip with an 'L' in the ratio stamped on the diff tag.

Trac-Lok was a Dana trademark from 1968. Ford didn't use it until 1969 IIRC. It was one of the few such names that were trademarked. Most of the others were just names with no legal standing as to what they meant or who owned them.
As Ivy states, the Trak Lok limited slip was introduced into the Ford line in 1969. There are a number of aftermarket limited slip units patterned after the Trak Lok, and they are probably worth the money. As I understand it, the 8" aftermarket Trak Loks are of the 4 pinion style, while all original Ford units are 2 pinion. The difference is significant.
IMHO, avoid the early Equa Lok units, as they can be a real handfull behind a performance motor. As an example, Ford would not sell the Equa Lok setup behind either the HiPo or the 427 engines. The Shelbys were fitted with a Detroit Locker, not a Ford product.
I have the 8", not a real hi-po. but the motor is, IMO anyway, high performance. But im just wondering what cars came with 8" rear ends so when i go to pick and pull i know what vehicle to look into. a newer unit is 400-600 dollars, +200 for the gears, and for that price i could just buy a ford 9 with a posi already in it and then have it cut down and install it. and still save money.
The AOD is Ford's four speed automatic overdrive transmission and it's a popular swap for our cars. They came out in 1980 and were about the same until 1989 when Ford made some updates. It came to an end in 1993, and even then it was sparsely used in that configuration in 93, when the AODE (E for electronic) was phased in. By then the bell housing was based on Ford's MOD motor and is not compatible with the small block Ford. The transmission was updated again by 1998 and introduced as the 4R70W. The good thing is, you can use a lot of the parts from the AODE and 4R70W inside of the older AOD to make it a stronger transmission. Just search the forum and you will get lots of threads on the swap. There is also a ton of info at Bruce
What cars carried the AOD transmissions? and what is the, i guess, political name for them? this 3 speed auto is killing me. Id like to go with a t-5, just to get 5 gears. but id like a AOD better
Also, what all is involved in the swap from c-4 to a stock t-10? would i need a new bellhousing or adapter? or a new cross member? just wann amake shure i take the correct route.
Since you are in the decision making mode with your project, I'll pass on a little hard-earned experience for your consideration. Don't, don't, don't even consider the T-10 tranny. There is almost no chance you will find one that won't give you excessive heartburn, and they almost never, never, never can be fixed at any cost. They were a good tranny back in the day, but the day is long gone. Your choice is between the venerable toploader 4 speed, the T-5 5 speed, or an AOD.
Sorry, i ment the toploader 4 speed. thought that was the t-10. I can find the four speen and t-5's all day, but is the t-5 a hard swap? and the AOD from what ive heard is a no no on high hp builds. so that is outa the question. I love my c-4, but i really need more gears. im really wound out on the freeway as it is. When these 3.55's go in next week, she'll be screaming down the freeway.
If you are looking for overdrive and are leery of an AOD, then the T-5 is you choice. It is not quite as strong as the toploader, but it does offer the overdrive. As to expense, you could be looking at anywhere from $1,000.00 to 7,000.00, depending on what you spend on parts (new tranny or rebuilt) and how you set up the clutch (mechanical, cable, hydraulic, 10", 11", etc.).
While the 8" rear gear is fine behind an automatic, it can be really challenged behind an agressively driven standard tranny. If you drive with your hair on fire, you probably need to scrounge up a 9".
Alrighty. Thanks. And anyone ever use the Yukon trak lock? i found one on ebay for 315 bucks. are they any good? i heard powertrax is the way to go, but for 315 the yukon interests me:)
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