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Few Questions on drivetrain

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How hard is the c-4 to T-5 swap on a 65 coupe? and how much does it cost to do the swap? also, what transmission is the AOD? What cars came with one that i could get one out of at the local pick and pull?

Next, what cars came with ford 8 inch limited slip or trac locks? I am swaping my 2.80 rear gears for 3.55 and really need to have both of the wheels spinning!
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HiPo's were 9"; all other early V8s were 8".

Anyone with $41.30 (plus tax) to spare could order a limited slip rear end in the early cars which Ford called an Equa-lok. Radios cost just a little more and an A/C unit cost 7.5X as much. It didn't actually lock but had a set of friction clutches. My 2.80 is a limited slip with an 'L' in the ratio stamped on the diff tag.

Trac-Lok was a Dana trademark from 1968. Ford didn't use it until 1969 IIRC. It was one of the few such names that were trademarked. Most of the others were just names with no legal standing as to what they meant or who owned them.
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