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Zrullac said:
Got my GT in Sept. 05. I have been experiencing this problem from day 1. Finally got fed up with it and took it to the dealer last Monday. They ordered a new tank right away. No hassle. Tank came in yesterday, hope to have the car back tomorrow afternoon. They gave me a brand new Ford Focus to drive all week while they had my car. Man does this thing run. I went from 0-50 in 18 seconds. I get all kinds of looks from women as I pass by them. Mostly looks of disgust and pity. Please give me back my mustang.
LOL!!! Oh man! Stop. Oh boy that was funny. Chicks check you out with that little sneer of disgust, you know? Where the lip curls ever so slightly as the eyebrows come down also slightly. Like they are looking at a child abuser. They are certainly thinking "I can do wayyyy better."

If you think "Well, what would I do if I owned one of these as my only car?"

*Try* not to end that thought with "I'd kill myself"

BTW, my '69 VW bus used to do 0-50 in 18 seconds. Full throttle baby.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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