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Filling Up Gas Tank?

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Ok so, I dont know what causes it but sometimes when I go to fill up I cant press full power on the gas nozzel cause then it just stops like it would if the tank was full, except I fill up at like quarter or half (mostly quarter but if i have to stop at a gas station to get a monster for workout or something) so does anyone else get this? I jsut had the problem where if i move it around in different variations of power (power = how much the handle is pulled down to let the gas out) or depending on how far in I put the nozzel or how much i pull the nozel out, most of the time it'll stil stop when i push full power, a few exceptions when i pushed the gas nozzel all the way in and hit full power it was fine.. its annoying!
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ford4v429 said:
...pump clicked off, car puked gas all over itself and the ground... low setting still dribbled out the drain under the gas cap...
Mine does the same thing. '06 btw. If that's the fix from '05 I'm not impressed but I'll cope. Perhaps my car shoulda came with a NASCAR overflow can. HA.
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