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Finally back at the strip after a 2yr hiatus

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Driver: 20yrs old, had the car for 3.5yrs, consider myself to be a decent driver.
car: 2012 v6 mustang
-diablosport 93 tune
-235/50-17 michelin pilot sport AS3
-airraid intake
-ford racing mufflers
The conditions
-Tulsa drag strip test and tune
-rain was lurking all day (high humidity)

RT- .563
60Ft- 2.096
330Ft- 5.939
1/8- 9.066
MPH- 79.22
1/4- 13.976
MPH- 100.37
1566 DA
what do you guys think there is another test and tune friday... but i think i got just about all i can out of her...
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Get your 60fts down. Heat your tires up. Slip the clutch on launch don't dump it.

You should be in the 1.8-1.9 range which will be good for another .2-.3 at the end of the track. Like me, you need practice :)

Good luck and have fun!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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