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Finally back on the road after ~17 years

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Got the mustang in 2001 and drove it till it blew a freeze plug and lost oil pressure. Then life happened and it's been stored for 17ish years. Now back on the road and needs some TLC.
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Nice looking car, glad to hear she’s back on the road again.
Way to Geaux (as they say down here) from New Orleans!
Welcome! Looks nice.
Welcome from Texas, it's great to have you!

Very cool ride, what color is that?
Vintage Burgundy is the color.
Welcome ! Take care of that classic Mustang.
Good job keeping it in decent shape all that time. Too often, the story ends with "life happened, the car got pushed into the yard and now it's too rusty to save.
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That's a beautiful car........gandalf 😉😎
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