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Finally drove a 2.3 ecoboost

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I recently got a job at a Ford/Kia dealer and was able to take a guard premium ecoboost for a spin I overall like the car but was a little disappointed at the engine it didn't feel to have any advantages over the 3.7 I've driven in the previous body style. The car sounded good a lot of turbo and induction noise which was something I could get used to in mustangs

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The feeling is much different than a typical mustang I would agree on that. For the most part I love it, but i've always been into boosted car
It did feel different but I'm definitely gonna go 5.0 unless I stumble upon a screaming deal 13-14 5.0

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Our EcoBoost 2015 feels way quicker with the minor mods we've installed so far. Airaid CAI, ATP down pipe, UPR tune. (all available at UPR Products) It is an automatic, and it annihilates the tires!
Hi! Anyone know how a similarly modified V6 would compare to the above?
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