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Finally Got Spouse approval KB SC order has just been made!!

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Hey guys,
Happy 4th !! I have planted a lot of seeds for this and it has been a long time waiting, but I'm finally there. Wife approved the order, its on the way! To her......:worship and to me............:gringreen To all of you and your help.......:bigthumbsup
I will keep all of you in the loop during install. Mechanic quoted me at $1,275 oouch! Now should I do this thing myself ? and yes I can change a tire.
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:rollgrin:lol I hate you right now

Thats bad @$$ man keep us updated

Im not aloud to spend more than 4000:nogrinner
Congrats on the new KB. If you have basic mechanic skills and know how to use a torque wrench/follow instructions then you can do it.

I bought a used 2.1 which was missing most of the hardware. Luckily for me, the instructions came with a list of all hardware. My next door neight just so happened to work at a hardware warehouse, too. Got me everything I needed. I spent more time waiting on parts than it took me to install it.
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Thats cool...I'll bet you spent a lot less $ than me. Are you happy with the results? For me as I did a little bit of bolt ons, but was bored with the results after a couple of days, LOL. I hope not this time:smilie
The install quote seems a bit pricey to me...Does it really cost that much to let someone else bolt it on?
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It's definitely a good power increase at 10psi. You will definitely notice the difference, unlike bolt-ons. My old direct port nitrous kit actually made a lot more power than the KB. However, nitrous gets expensive at $50-60 a bottle and only 3 passes per bottle. It's also not available all the time.

It very well could cost that much. Shops can charge whatever they want per hour to install something. You could probably look around a bit and get a better price. If you don't feel up to the task of installing it yourself. Find a friend or family member who regularly works on cars. A couple cases of beer and some lunch is a lot cheaper.
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I'm only going with 9 psi...I figured I would be extra cautious that is what KB recommended and Didn't think it would be worth the 20 hp, its still a lot more than I have now.
I guess shops can charge whatever they want especially with a specialty thing like a SC. In my area there is not many places that will do it so its slim pickins. I would not mind doing it myself except I have minimal tools...almost none and would not know what to do if things start going wrong and often times they will...But your right a case of beer and lunch is a hell of a lot cheaper:bigthumbsup
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Congrats on your KB.
So you need your wifes permission to order a supercharger your
offically a wuss.Take your balls out of your wifes purse and make
a stand for one time in your life. :heha:
Don't worry soon the balls will be in my car LOL and I will still be married:shigrin Good luck to you and yours
Congrats on the KB. How long did it take you to convince the wife. I will be in the same boat when that time comes for me. congrats again...
:heha:Took me 8 years, as long as I've had the car He He...I hope it is worth it! Just be patient and headstrong and never give up:winks Oh yeah, lots of shoe shopping...
heck, if you want you can drop it off at my house and i'll install it for $500. that quote is absolutely outrageous. how far away from MA are you?
Mello, thanks for the you think that is too much? I'm too far from MA LOL! Did you install your Procharger yourself....I know there dif. but was is a tough install?
Oh yeah, Can someone tell me why I can't use my aftermarket pullies....don't really want to swap them out, seems like a waste of time and money..
How do you like those Corbeau seats....was thinking bout swapping out for them. Stock ones bite!
ah yes, i will be adding a KB long BEFORE i get married hahaha

With aftermarket pulleys the crankshaft pulley is smaller than the stock pulley which means you will be running the wrong supercharger pulley and you wont be making the right amount of boost
Geeze...I would think that someone would design a custom SC pulley for this, Might patten that idea LOL..:cooldude:
im sure you could probably find some custom pulley out there haha
im going to have the same problem with mine when i add a blower =(
yeah i think that is way too high of an asking price. it pretty much is an intake manifold swap. oh wait, it IS an intake manifold swap. shops just charge out the a$$ because they know you paid big bucks for the kit so they think you can pay a lot for the install.

and yeah dude it's a wicked easy install. you only need the most basic of hand tools. just read the directions carefully and familiarize yourself with everything the kit comes with so that you know what all of it is before you start the install. i did my procharger install at 17 and really didn't have too much trouble with it.

and for the pulley setup, just find someone with a GT that would be willing to swap their stock pulleys over for your UDPs if you don;t have your stock ones anymore.

the corbeaus are unbelievable BTW. my car is finally complete (kind of), for now at least. the seats were the perfect touch. i feel so much more in tune with the car now that i have them.
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I think I just might have to do the install myself then, I got the time and if its that easy why not save some cash to put towards something else...I almost dropped when I heard those numbers for a SC install. Thanks for the advise Mello:bigthumbsup
KB recommends that I get a start up tune from one of their tuner guys for my Diablo to re-flash my cars computer, is this correct? Also how long of a wait is it to receive shipment on the east coast? I know it takes 3 days to build the kit....just was not sure about shipping...
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