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Finally Justice!

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I narrowly escaped a shopping cart for the third time this month in a parking lot. Walmart is the worst as inconsiderate people just toss the carts near the store doors instead of walking 5 more steps inside. Since most parking lots are slanted the carts just take on a mind of their own and go looking for a target. This is how I received my first and only $420 dent in my last new car 3 weeks after I bought it 8 years ago.

What you can't see on this video is after I evaded the evil shopping cart, I looked in my rear view to see where it ended up. The cart appeared to be following the lazy person who tossed it there, tracking her all the way back to her car picking up momentum as it curved perfectly to slam in the back of her trunk just as her reverse lights went on.

Although I hate to see anyone suffer financially from such an incident, I feel justice was served!

shopping cart - YouTube

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You harbored our draft dodgers so we sent you Wal*Mart.

Wal-Martians.wmv.flv - YouTube
Here's a thought: Don't go to Wal Mart.
You harbored our draft dodgers so we sent you Wal*Mart
The US hasn't had a draft since 1973. Time to get over it. :bigthumbsup
Holy ****, look at all that tarmac! I need to get to the States more...
what the hell were you listening to?? :nono:
what the hell were you listening to?? :nono:
I was wondering the same....
what the hell were you listening to?? :nono:
Hey, lol, with 120GB of music and a full navigation juke box on shuffle, they can't all be gems. I was probably getting in touch with my feminine side that day.
Speaking of shopping carts, Got any troublesome ex wives you want to have go byebye :gringreen jk.
SSI's Shred of the Month: Shopping Carts Shredding (D) - YouTube
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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