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Finally raced my friend pestering me with his MX-6

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It was after a car "show" that occurs every friday in the next town over. We lined up on the first light and him and his friends kept telling me run them...light went green and he slammed it, i took off normal and he went about 3 cars ahead of me before the next light.They had said it made 260 horsepower to the wheels because they installed a performance chip that added 60 rwhp:nogrinner

So Of course we get cought by the red light again, and again they're egging me to race..light goes green and they launch, i take off normal, by the time i am going around 35 in first, they are about a car and a half in front, so i shift to 2nd and punch it quick up to 70 and blow their doors off like they were standing still.

Needless to say that sure feels good, but What a waste of time :blink:
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Well most street racing is. But it can be fun.
Well at least ya wont have to hear him begging to race ya again.
yeah I couldnt afford that chip, had to settle for a Xcal3 :(
haha yeah it is pretty fun but I don't think i'm going to make it a habit. I have a weird knack of feeling bad for the car whenever i push it or do bad things to it :run_over:
waste of perfectly good gas too!

nice kill and you shut em up too.
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