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Finally Some Pics!

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Hopefully Ill be able to get more soon in the daylight with it all shined up, but this is all i got for now!


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Me likey.

Black is always bitchin.
Nice wheels. :bigthumbsup What are they?
Looking great to me.
Nice wheels, I agree. Looks like 18" boyds, but not sure which model specifically....
They are 19" Imolas
They are 19" Imolas
Ahh, I should have had a better eye. Yeah 18" deep dish wheels often look too small on this car, but yours looked good so I was thinking maybe they aren't....but it's hard to find 19" deep dish wheels. How much did they cost, what are the widths & tires and how much do they weigh?
Looks nice. Those wheels have an old school look to them, I think.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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