Perhaps the most famous rental car of all time, the 1966 Shelby GT350H was built for Hertz, the rental car agency. In a move that could have only been conceived of when a fifth of Scotch was a reasonable business breakfast, Hertz decided to rent random people one of the era’s most potent track toys.

One of just 1,000 made, this one, chassis #6S727, is currently featured on Bring a Trailer being sold out of Phoenix, Arizona . The current bid is a lowly $75,000, but there’s still a week to go in this sale, so expect that figure to rise.

The question of ownership may be somewhat muddied, since its first year of life was spent as a rental car, but it was sold to one Mr. Goetz in 1967. He put it into storage in 1975 and then, appropriately, it was sold to race car driver, Tommy Thompson , in 1999.

Mr. Thompson is now selling it and, according to the BaT post, he had it restored in 2001 to 1966 B-Production racing spec.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite stock. It has a non-original 289 V8 paired to a close-ration BorgWarner T10 four-speed manual transmission and a 3.89:1 Ford 9-inch rear end. It also has a race seat with a five-point harness and a fire suppression system.

It is registered with SAAC, so it’s good to go racing at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, provided the driver is approved.

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