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The year is 2005. The first-ever YouTube video has just been uploaded. Hurricane Katrina is whipping up in the Atlantic. Batman Begins is in theaters. This black and grey Ford GT is sold at Butler Ford in Oregon.

To look at the odometer, you’d also think that was the last time this GT was driven because despite being 13 years old now, it only has 5,771 miles on the clock. And now it can be yours.

Now widely beloved for its bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful design and its excellent chassis design, the GT was Ford’s tribute to the GT40.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite stock, with an Alpine head unit, but you can connect to Bluetooth through it, so we’ll give that one a pass.

These were always going to be classics, but with so few miles on this one, it’s sure to attract an especially high bid.

With 7 days to go, the Bring a Trailer auction high bid is already $166,945.


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