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Finiky Shaker 500

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I have pressed a set of 4 lovely coasters, and thought I'd share the secret of the 5th one with you all. My Shaker 500 is very brand-discriminate about the discs it will play as MP3 CDs. I did the 3+6 radio self-test first to see if I had a bad Shaker, but mine's a "J" series, should be way better than the A-Bs.

Anyhou, I had been using (dirt cheep!) Acer 16X CD-R discs, but I had been doing them as just a whole buncha tracks, no folder structure. The first disc I tried with simple one-folder deep structure skipped horribly! Without folders, the Acer discs will play fine.

I brought some Verbatim 16X CD-Rs from work and those actually work great with a folder structure.

I tried to change the rip speed to 64K as suggested by someone else, but can't figure out where in Musicmatch Jukebox to do that?

Anyone else have any tips for making a successful MP3 CD-R on the first try?
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Hey SunBoss, I'm using Maxwell (not sure of the exact CD type) CD-Rs rated at 48x.
I use Nero to burn MP3 music CDs in a folder structure. All of the MP3s that I'm burning are 256kbps bit rate. I've had no problems with any of them. I use a NEC ND-3520A cd burner.

Not sure what Shaker500 model I have, but the car was ordered in May and arrived in August. I haven't had any problems with any of my CDs.

I use the same Maxwell 48X cd's 700mb. So far with my MP3 CD's I've had at least 5 folders. typically 7 or 8. They skip once every blue moon. Now, production CD's bought from Best Buy or what have you skip like it's their job (typically once during every 20 minute trip). Burns are much more reliable. There is a sizable song gap so concerts are somewhat broken up with a half second delay, but it's nothing that's easily forgiveable considering that I have about 30 CD's worth of music in a 6 disc changer. and this is an A series shaker 500.
i used brandless bulk blanks and Verbatim and both worked fine no skipping, until after a week or so of playing some took longer, i think the CDs get scratched while switching from one disc to the other since when i removed one two of them both were scratched slightly, i burnt the cds and placed them in the shaker so the sctachs are from the shaker, once i made the gave me an error "bad disc" and the shaker spit it out, i think i had to much song for it to handel around 680mb worth of songs
by the way my shaker skips on the same songs, for example if track 25 is skipping and pausing, i go to track 30 and then back to 25, it skips again on 25
I get bad disc error every oncei n a while, but I just put it back in and it works fine. I think bad disc has happened 2x so far in 4 months.
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