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finish my stripes or take them off and make roof black?

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few months ago i got stripes but only got roof/trunk/hood done cus i couldn't spend enough to go all the way down to the bumpers.

talking with my vinyl guy and hoping june 9th i can finsh off the stripes.

another thing i was thinking though was taking off the stripes and getting a big piece of vinyl and making the roof black. i notice making the roof black isn't a very popular mod, but i think it looks pretty cool, though considering i already spent couple hundred to get the stripes i dont want to just throw them away. also he said he may not be able to do the roof so if i wanted a black roof i would have to get it repainted which i really don't want to know - otherwise maybe i could TRY to do the roof myself, but im the guy who can't even put up vinyl signs up on a store window...

which do you guys think i should do? this will probably be my final mod as far as aesthetics go, because i want to keep the beautiful simplicity of the car's styling rather than turning it into a Christmas tree or some kind of automobile abomination.

also is the spacing on my stripes ok? 1 person told me they are too far apart and its been bugging me lol, otherwise i think it looks nice and you think if i bring the stripes all the way down it would be a game changer?

how it is now:

black roof, not my color and its the newer s197, but closest one i could find cus the others had all kinds of louvers and scoops that were too distracting.

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Just my HO, but I think the car looks great as it is.
I'm with kenv on this, your car looks good. I think stripes all the way would be too busy. Right now it looks distinguished.
I'd stick with the stripes…if you do go down to the bumper, I'd consider only the front, not both…i might even do without the stripes on the trunk, not sure, I'd probably need to see it in person and think more on it...
I really like what you have going on right now and personally wouldn't change anything.
I'm also thinking your Stang looks fine as is.
I think the car looks nice right now, if you extended the stripes to cover the bumpers as well it would look good as well.

I took your original photo and added stripes in photoshop (rough one):

If your were going to do the roof in black I would do the hood as well.
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