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First Mustang; boy, do I need help

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Just bought my first Mustang - 2005 convertible, V-6. Have had several convertibles when I was younger; now retired - figured it was time again. Have a 1996 Ford F-150 & a 1972 El Camino SS, but I still wanted a convertible. Figured this was the best place to find out info on Mustangs. Tom Killian
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Yes it is a good place to learn. I've picked up a couple of tips for my '05 from these forums... the plastic thermostat housing, the harmonic balancer on the front of the crankshaft have unique idiosyncracies/failures. And oh by the way, make sure to clean the drain plugs for your cowl area - if they plug up with leaves/pine needles, you'll get water on the passengers feet via the cabin air filter mechanism. Otherwise, the car is basic. My younger daughter has an '06 convertible, V6, auto. Very enjoyable....:yelwacko:
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