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first mustang

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Hi guys I just purchase my first mustang its a 66 coup. I was super excited to start working on it and after finding bondo and grinding it down to bare metal I found out if was in a accident driver side door jam you guys think it's worth putting money in it I paid 600


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Welcome to the site! With these cars coming up on being 50 years old finding one without issues is getting difficult, it wouldn't stop me.
It's gonna cost you money re to get it right but as long as you do it the right way then it will still be a beauty and still be worth far more than you put into it.

Monitairily and emotionally.
What does the outside look like? The cut ends before the outside skin and the edge looks good. So not sure this is an car impact problem. How are the door gaps?

Looks like someone just did a quick fix instead of pounding out the metal, a proper welding job, and grinding.

Get it properly fixed, maybe with a beef-up plate inside and you should be fine.
I'll take more pics from outside and put the door on to see the gaps
Here the side


still be worth far more than you put into it.

Sorry to say, but no it won't!! Perhaps on a fastback or vert, not a coupe.

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Not today. But these cars are getting harder and harder to get. The value of these cars keeps climbing every year.
Hello. :) Generally speaking, if a person is looking for an investment with a reasonable return, an old Mustang is nowhere near the top of that list. :D But, with that being said, this car does not look bad at all. Fixing that won't be a big deal at all. It's condition certainly would not be a deterrent to me. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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