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First run in against a 2005 Mustang GT ragtop

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Came up along side a silver 05 GT(automatic) ragtop(the guy driving was real snotty).First run he got the jump on me and pulled slightly ahead.Second run I got the jump and pulled ahead on him.Didn't get to have a tiebreaker.But all in all very evenly matched.I was kind of surprised because I figured he would have little problem smoking me.I'm off work early this Friday so maybe I'll head out to the track weather permiting and see what she'll run.:thumbsup I don't get it with Mustang guys.They rarely wave at or acknowledge other Mustang drivers.When I had my Vette other Vette drivers almost always wave or nod or give you the thumbs up.We need more unity amoungst us Mustang drivers.Wave at your fellow Mustangers.:wavey
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My g/fs dad had a C4 now he has a 05GTo, but yea my g/f tells me that they had the wave going on for them.

my buddies 04 superchaged tiburon was running 14 flat vs this 05 GT 5 speed, and it ran 14.5 . .... granted he didnt know how to drive it i am sure.
Drive by wire

The new GT's have a drive-by-wire setup that fights attempts to race - and costs you big on the clock. You can defeat it with a SCT tune, but until you do, those 300hp are just sort of defeated by the computer.

Another item is the fact that you are a little lighter than the new model, though the extra hp should more than compensate once they get past fighting with the dbw computer.

As for waving at other stangs, I do, even 6 cylinders, who usually ignore me or are confused. Keep in mind that 2/3 of all mustangs sold are 6 cyl - and usually not driven by enthusiasts, though there are of course exceptions. I've started waving at GT's and Cobras, and I get more of a response from that group. Talking to folks who have Camaros and Firebirds, the same rule applies - 6's don't wave back.

Vettes are ALL enthusiast-owned, as are vipers, and the friendly acknowledement is rarely wasted.

If they quit making 6 cylinder stangs, there would be a lot fewer mustangs on the road, but you'd see more of a cohesive group.
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Its kind of funny when wave at another stang owner a thay look confused!
its like thay think ,its just a car! whys he giving me the thumbs up !
i only wave or kinda raise my hand off the steering wheel to Cobras,Mach1s or GTs.... V6s unless its my two friends who own V6s i dont wave at V6s.
I always get stared at or revved to around here by mustang guys, i've got a 95 gt....

I get a looot of v-6's that try to race me too.
I have a 07' V6 and I wave at every Pony I see. Most look at me like I am an idiot. But then again Hawaii drivers aren't the friendliest.
As far as racing goes. Have you seen how much tickets cost these days?
as for v6 stangs, i usually lose interest when i see no fog lights or no duals. when i see a gt, cobra or mach that appears to be molested by its owner i usually push the clutch in and say hello with my right foot.
ditto on the right foot acknowledgement for GT's and up.... most of the v6's around me are women with ragtops so i dont always say hi. The gt's are mostly s197's so they are generally owned by middle aged men with some expendable cash, but more often than not they'll drop some form of hello

my favorite is the oppenent rev though. When youre in a parking lot or someplace where a quick run isn't possible; you roll by a 'bird or camaro, or better yet a rice burning fart can with wheels, and you cant help but lay on the throttle :)
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