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For the longest time I’ve been wondering what has been causing vertical scratch lines on the window tint on both the Driver and passenger windows. Could not find any information about it. After removing the door panels, I found the issue which are these brackets that have a felt material that wore out over the years. I could not find the replacement parts anywhere. I’ve decided to fix it myself and share how I did it.

As you can see in the photo, the window tint has vertical scratch lines. Each window has 2
Remove the door panels off the car and at the top of the door, you will see the single bolt holding the bracket. Roll the window down at least a few inches so that the window holding bracket isn’t in the way of the felt bracket, the loosen the single bolt. Hold the bracket with one finger so that the bracket doesn’t fall on you.

Now that you taken the brackets out, this is what they look like. The felt is wore out.

What I did is went to a store like Michaels and bought a sheet of heavy duty felt, no more than a few dollars, and some Super Glue.

When you remove the old felt off the brackets, there are going to be 2 pieces. One piece going horizontally and the other piece going vertically over the first piece.Carefully remove the felt without removing the foam piece that is under the felt. I recommend doing one at a time so you can use the other once as a reference.


Once you removed the old, use it as a template to cut the new.
When you glue the felt back onto the brackets, glue only onto the metal (don’t put any glue on the foam part on the bracket) The foam part is where the window would come into contact. Putting glue there would soak through the felt and make it hard and could potentially scratch the window.


Install back onto the car
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