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Flasher/Lights diagnostic?

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Hello fellow Mustang owners, got a 66 Mustang coupe, so I installed a Electronic Power Steering into it (EPS)
after it was all done, none of my flashers work... I Found the flasher unit and replaced it but it still not working, I had a friend of mine that works on nothing but classic mustangs take a look at the wiring from the steering column and assures me that its all correct and he's confused on why its not working... how can I begin diagnostics? the front lights and break lights on come just fine... but no flashers.
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Time to get out the volt meter and a wiring diagram to follow voltages.
Trace the wires and connectors with a test light or multimeter to where the power stops flowing. A ground issue perhaps?
i looked up the destructions to an eps unit on cj pony, it says you use a 60 amp fuse. that's a lot of current. it's possible it's drawing so much juice, that the old mechanical flasher isn't heating up enough to trip the lights on and off. make sure you replaced the correct flasher, not the one for the four ways, and then try a electronic flasher instead of the stock mechanical type. also check to see if your stock alternator even puts out enough current to run the eps unit, you may have to upgrade
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