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I have a 2016 mustang gt with a stage 1 supercharger, dyno tuned on 91, long tubes, catless exhaust. So the check engine light was blinking when I really hit on it but went away after 10 seconds but then after a couple days the check engine light came on for a cylinder 8 misfire I can’t feel the misfire at all. Took it to a shop they told me that can’t do anything but they cleared the code. This was about a week ago and now the check engine light is gone and hasn’t came on. But today I was doing some runs with it and the check engine light started blinking again. Check engine light isn’t on but blinked for 10 seconds so this is only happening when I really hit it. The shop told me that they couldn’t get an active misfire code when they test drove it and did a cold start.

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You need to find a new shop, and stop hooning around until you get this resolved. Have you pulled the plug on the #8 cylinder? The plug generally tells the story. Exactly what code is being thrown? Scan for codes and post.

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Buying such a car with extreme mods on it already is often going to be a giant headache. Without any cats and equipped with a supercharger I'm guessing many shops won't even want to be bothered with it. With no cats it also limits what you can do going forward as no new tunes can be written for a street car without them on it.
If it's an intermittent problem then you need a scan tool or tuner that reads live data and/or a good dyno tune shop. Being that this car has a tune on it just to make the engine even run at this point you should have been given the tuner that's married to the car. If you have it then you should be able to look at other things in the data to gather what the problem might be. If you don't have the tuner or have the ability to understand what the live data indicates then a capable tune shop is going to be needed to analyze it.
I would ask around the car community in your area for shops to seek out. You can search online for performance shops in your area.

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Depending on how you drive it, a supercharged engine can go through plugs faster than normal. Remove the #8 plug and check the gap. The other elective option is replace the COP on #8 while you have it removed to facilitate spark plug removal.
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