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Flexplate grinding the starter, help!

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Hi, I have a 67 Coupe autom. with a 302 2V from a 68.
When I start the car, you can hear sometimes a little grinding sound coming from the flexplate touching the housing of the starter slightly.
It gets worse when I put the car in Drive and hit the gas.

We took off the tranny twice already. First we replaced the separator plate, which was not the correct one. Noise was still there. Last week we changed as well the flexplate, bought a new one. Installation was done correctly. Torq convertor was put on correct with the drainplugs through the wholes. It fitted perfectly and the bellhousing went straight on the engine without any effort. Now it looks like the flexplate tooth slightly touch the housing of the starter. What can I do here? Grind off a bit more of the starter housing? It looks like the correct type of starter.
(the car by the way starts right up, no problems here)

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Okay, here's my 2 cts from an old mechanic. Can you see where the flexplate is rubbing against the starter? If so can you take a picture and post it? Some part must be wrong, I have never seen a 289/302 flexplate rub a starter, did the 302 come from a car with a manual transmission, if so, did you remove the pilot bushing from the center of the crankshaft? If the engine is a 68 302, then it should have a 28 oz type balance weight and should look like some of the pictures of them. Your starter should be a 2 bolt mounting type starter, there are 4 different starter drives used on starters, if the flexplate is hitting the starter drive, depending on where it is hitting you may need a different starter drive. There is a spacer that should be under the heads of the bolts that go through the flexplate into the crankshaft, you didn't put the spacer next to the crankshaft by mistake? What transmission are you using, is it a c4 automatic for the 67 year, or is it something else? Please provide more information, too much is better than not enough, we will sort through it for what we want. Good Luck.
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