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Flooding In Hot Weather

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I have a 1965 coupe with a 4 barrel edelbrock carb . Today I started it up in the morning and it ran fine, i drove about 10 miles to school park and went to class for about an hour. After class I could not get it started. It would crank and crank but it would not fire. I tried to give it gas and it had no effect other than immediatly flooding my engine. This has happened many times and it seems to only happen when it is hot out. Today its around 85. Is it possible that the heat is having some kind of effect on my engine flooding super easily (just by trying to start it) or could the heat be having some other kind of negative effect on my enigne. I know its not percolation cause ive had that problem in the past and pumping the gas always got it to start. Ive also installed a carb spacer that fixed the problem with the percolation.
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it sounds like your carb is dumping fuel and needs a rebuild.

Is it a new carb? have you rebuilt it at all?
As far as I know a previous owner rebuilt the whole engine in 2004. Im assuming that means a new/rebuilt carb. But other than that I dont have any info about the age of the carb
Could it be anything to do with my starter coil overheating or dying?
Hello BryceTryce,
Hang on there a minute - -I can feel your mind racing and grabbing at possible

I really doubt this is an electrical issue. If it were elecrical, the car would likely stall
out or act up before you shut it off.

No - -I think this is a fuel issue. As Cobra states - -sounds like the carb is dumping
fuel into the motor after it is off. One simple cause for this could be a dirty needle
and seat.

Curious - does the car start right up when cold? or do you have to pump it.
ON your car - -you should be able to step on the gas pedal once to seat the choke
and then turn the key to start.

so what I would do is the following - in this order
1. - Next time she won't start - -see if the choke is open or partially opened
2. - Look down the "throat" of the carb and see if the bottom of the intake
manifold looks wet. Do this WITHOUT pumping the gas. we want to see if the gas is going into the manifold as she sits.
3. - Try a good carb cleaner in the tank such a "sea-foam" It will take a day or two
to take affect.
4. - I think at that point it MAY be time to rebuild the carb.

Keep in mind - -if she doesn't start - -you can pull a plug wire and be certain
you are getting spark - BUT I am thinking you will be.

This is VERY likely a FUEL issue.

Print Dad
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Ok thanks will do. I used sea foam about a week back so if that's the issue then i will just have to rebuild it. Do you know of a good place to buy/order rebuild kits?

When I cold start my car i go about it the normal way. One tap and then i turn the key. On occasion i have to give it one tap while cranking to get it going.

Once in a blue moon it stalls at a red light and it starts up again easily, no pumping required.

But i will definitely check on those things you mentioned next time I have trouble.

Thanks for your help!
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Oh just a side note. A hot engine sitting for about an hour seems to be the sweet spot for me not being able to start it up again. Don't know if this is relevant but I though it might be useful.
Bryce, I agree it sounds like a fuel delivery issue. I had a similar problem over the summer that was eventually solved with a rebuild of the carb. I found that seafoam worked for a bit, then adjusting the timing and/or air fuel mix screw was kind of chasing the problem and also worked for short times, but the rebuild eventually did the trick. 8 years since the last rebuild of your carb is no surprise before it needs another. There's a place out here in Torrance that does a complete rebuild of any carb for $100 even, I've used them twice (for 2 different cars) and my buddy once and we're both very happy with his work. He gives a warranty and offers free adjustments if it needs it.
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Everything mentioned sounds like fuel boiling to me. Sure, your spacer helped that problem but I doubt that it completely cured it. The original and many of the aftermarket intake manifolds have an exhaust crossover passage that heats the intake manifold below the carb with exhaust gases. Even with a spacer, a carb bolted to a 200F chunk of metal is going to get hot especially once you shut off the engine. Summer gas starts to boil at around 120F; winter gas will boil even lower.

I recently blocked my exhaust crossover and the manifold temp dropped 40F. The engine now runs completely differently that it did beforehand; it will now idle AND start when hot.
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Thanks drummer! I may check out the guy in torrance but if i want to do it myself do you know where i could find a good kit?
O'Reilly, Pep Boys and most major auto parts retailers are Edelbrock dealers and can likely order the rebuild kit for you if they don't already stock it. I like Summit Racing for selection, price, and speedy delivery.
Okay so i rebuilt my carb and everyting was fine for a few days. Then again today I got stranded again. Flooded. Today was also the first time ive taken the freeway since i rebuilt the carb. And i must have screwed something up cause now I have awful hesitation when i go above 60mph. The car accelerates for 1 second, then stops accelerating for 1 second, so on and so forth. (i dont know if this is actually considered hesitation but i dont know what else to call it) I really don't know what to do anymore.
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