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Flowmaster Axlebacks

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Is there a drone with this system, and if so, is it tolerable? Thanks.
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if you are talking about the American Thunder then yes there is a slight drone. It occurs about 2,000 RPM's in 5th gear...and it is tolerable. Other than that it sounds great.
I love my American Thunders.......They are louder then the stock ones.If you drive around town in 3rd and 4th gear they will be loud but if you are driving in 5th gear around town then they will not be as loud.JohnnyT
If it's the axle backs set with the 4 inch chromed outlets I think they sound righteous, mind you my car is not my daily driver, it could get annoying on a long haul drive. But for around town with the Shaker cranked life is good with a set of those:winks .
I hate to be the one who bursts the bubble, but in my opinion, Flowmasters are overplayed. Sure, they might sound good, but they also sound generic. Who doesn't have Flowmasters? JBAs are nice, but it's only an axle-back. I have Borla on mine, and I can't tell you how many Mustang owners (with Flowmasters) have asked me what kind of exhaust I have. The sound of the Borlas is much more "tuned", not a lot of noise like the Flows. That's my insight on Flows, but some might disagree.
I was going to go with the Borla's/FRPP since they sound great at WOT, however, heard them at idle and deceleration in person as well and to me sounds like there's a helicopter in the background. Like every 1/2 a second there's a tick/ting. Very annoying to me, but then again, I'm sure it's just my interpertation. Since there are very minimal power gains on any of the axle backs it just comes down to sound preference.
Just curious what was the cost of the Borlas?
My car with the Flows, I notice no more Drone than that of the factory system. Sounds great and took very little time to install.

The Borla axel back's sure look like the Steeda's. Only diff. is the name stamped on the can. I've had the Steeda's on for about 6 months and AOK.
I would go with the Super 40s...
Anything is better then the stocks...............JohnnyT
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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