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flowmaster hushpower II mufflers

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Hi everyone I just wanted to let everyone with the flowmaster kit that it sounds good but I installed the hushpower II flows and they sound awsome. I do think it is up to the person though as thes flows sound much like glasspacks and are loud at open throttle and smooth in 5th great mufflers highly recommended mufflers start at 200 bucks each no kit must weld on thanks. oh flowmaster has sound clips :smoke:
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$400 for the set... must weld on... they must be really good! :rolleyes:
Go here and click all the hear now buttons as fast as you sounds pretty cool
LOL... I was thinking 'whatta nerd' but that was hilarious!
listening to all the sounds i'm going with super40
i love the American Thunder sound. But on a 1000 mile trip to the Smokey Mountains and back, it could get a little old.

what ya think KJ? lol
you go to that site and click all the buttons at the same time.......sounds like a bunch of rodders heading out cause the cops just showed up. TOO FUNNY!!!!! LOL
It sounds like living your life a quarter mile at a time

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don't hate the player hate the game

:smoke: I guess everyone has there own opinion right I want my car better in my eyes then the next guys. So every muffler for the mustangs are played out but I talked to a close friend that works for flowmaster and told me about these mufflers way before anyone knew. And to me my car sounds great very vintage sound.:smoke:
Post a sound clip or something please
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