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Flywheel and Clutch Questions

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Is the same flywheel and clutch in the 5.0 as the v6 stock?

Doing a v6 FI build. i know i wont be able to hard launch it with the dual flywheel pins but if i do highway pulls and such will it hold up ok? Looking at no more than 500whp and realistically that will probably be crank HP until i build the motor.
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They are different and I don't believe they can interchange.

There are affordable options for V6 clutchs from Spec if you are interested in replacing it. Talk to z28Th1s.
Not to keen on spending 800+ on a clutch and flywheel... why i asked.
The you shouldnt be worried about making power if you cant afford it. You will need an upgraded clutch, flywheel and driveshaft if you start making more than 300rwhp. Youll need forged internals if you want to make more than 500rwhp for very long.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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