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fog light wiring

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i have a 1999 v6 that i am trying to wire GT fog lights on, i bought this fog light kit and of course my luck it didnt have instructions, can some please send me a step by step guide on how to wire the fog light or if they can email me the instructions, i d greatly appreciate it.
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Fof Light Wiring Instructions

Instructions are from VMP:

1999-2000 Instructions
fog lights

Thanks, i appreciate it. do u know what that relay that they are talking about looks like? because i didnt get one with the kit i bought
Black Relay

Hope this helps...

12V 30/40 A


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do i have to wire the relay the way theyu did it or can i just plug it in the fuse compartment box? caues i looked under the hood and it dont have relay in the fuse box
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