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Folks in the DC metro area - PLEASE ADVISE

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Hi all,

My '06 GT vert is on the way :green , and I need some help.

First, I'm going to paint stripes on my car, so I'm looking for a recommendation on a paint shop in the area, preferably on the 270 corridor in Maryland.

Second, I'm at a loss as to which exhaust I want to put on my car. I just want to do an axleback, no changing the pipes. Anyone in the general area have an after market axleback exhaust that I can hear on their 05/06? I'm leaning toward flowmaster or magnapacks.

Thanks in advance!!!
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May want to talk to Springfield Motorsport, - have seen several late models in there getting toys.
I heard an 05 GT with MAC axlebacks and a CNL Cold air kit...sounded sweet. I'm looking for the same on my 06 GT vert. I had a bassani system on my 94 GT vert and loved it, so might do that again.

Horsepower by Herman (HBH) is a pony shop in Crofton and took good care of my buddy with his 98 cobra.
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