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Does anyone know what would cause 1 side of my rear end to rattle when I hit bumps? It's sounds metallic and is annoying as #@$%!! I've been under the car twice and found NOTHING. I'm frustrated beyond belief and would appreciate any input or advise. Forest green GT with camel top..
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does it sound like body rattle or suspension?
Your exhaust may be loose. The hanger may be scraping your chassis or whatever it is supposed to be connected to.
For the Love of God...Help

Check the charcoal cannister behind the left rear tire. Looks like a black rectangular box. Sounds like a loose heat shield on the cats or a can of gravel. If so, just tighten the bolts that hold the cannister.

I had this on my 99 Cobra. It got so bad I was embarrassed to drive it.

Hope this helps
Couple of weird things to check

Things to check:

1. Shocks. One of the Quad shocks could go away and start rattling, and the ride would really not suffer... Ride WOULD suffer if one of the rear shocks had failed - but could also rattle, of course.

2. Springs. Once upon a time I had a strange metallic rattle, and I found that missing shock nut I dropped and couldn't find - neatly trapped inside the spring and rattling around like crazy.

3. Muffler. Someone already mentioned this - check to see if all the pipes have clearance and are fastened to the mounts. On the Weird side, play close attention to the side the noise is coming from - move the muffler around (get rough). If a baffle has come loose inside the muffler, it can make a helluva racket.

Can't get too arcane - don't know what year you have, or if its a vert.

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Have you owned the vehicle long enough to change the fuel filter? If not, are you sure that this item was properly installed, and is not rattling around near the fixture it is suppose to be mounted in?

I'll vote for a heat shield rattle. That is prolly the best bet. They can rust, or lose a spot weld at a critical point. You'd never know by looking at them because they're between the undercarriage and the exhaust, appearing all innocent. Get them at speed, or over a bump and they rattle around like heck. Simple check, just make sure they're cool. Grab one and shake it.
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