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Forced induction or spray put more strain on a V6 engine?

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Thinking about sraying my car instead of getting a power adder. I mean id love to go turbo or procharged but the gas prices r insane. This way i can chose wen and wen not to use it. Nothing big, a 75 shot at first just b/c ive never driven a car on spray b4, but if i want more, ill bump it up to a 150. I know a tune is extremely important, but wat puts more strain on ur motor F/I or Spray? This is my DD and i need to keep it reliable. Wat do u guys think?
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bump, anyone other opinions?
Ya, im guessing a Mod changed my title, its suppose to b Forced induction. But he was probably spraying a crazy ass amount or sprayed in low rpms or something. I mean a kno a crazy LS2 that sprays i think a 500 shot and his crap hasnt gone kaboom yet. i just want some power on reserve w/o hurting my gas milage.
First off... Nitrous is a power adder, it's just not forced induction which I also assume is what you meant in your title instead of fuel injection? :)

John (fishingjts) windowed his block on nitrous.
im assuming its a built motor, lol. dont sc and turbos inject more air into the engine thus causing a bigger bang resulting in more power? if u have more air, u need more fuel as well right? unless u wanna run lean, which im gonna say is most likely bad for ur engine.
so either way ill be sacrificing mpg for a power adder. frigging gas prices r making me think twice about doing anymore mods to my car...
I get 19mpg in mixed city and highway, im not really complaining, i just dont wanna b getting wat ur getting lol.
so wat do u think a full bolt on v6 gets on gas and a semi conservative foot?
i think id slash my wrists w/ my spoiler if i got that...
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