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Check out my sig. I have a 342 with AFR185s

Right now, the plans I have are an RPMII or TrickFlow Track Heat Intake, and a TFS Stage II cam, a Pro-M style Mass Air, and some 3.73s to pull out a little more power from this motor.

I was thinking about some more cheap power by going with a paxton / vortec supercharger to try and cap out my motor (before reaching the point where it cracks).

I have 30# injectors, and am not really looking to do much internal work.

Now for the main questions ...
1) How many pounds of boost (psi) could I push before I blow the motor from the compression being too high. (Right now it should be about 10.6:1)

Ive seen some sites say that I could reach 10, but others say 6 MAX. I know I will need to change the injectors to handle the extra power, and thus recalibrate the mass air meter; but what is my limit, and what trim SC should I go with?
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