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Ford 351W replacement for E5AE heads

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I have E5AE-CA heads that are cracked. Only see E7TE heads for sale so am wondering if there are any issues to replacing with E7TE.

Have read that e7 will have better flow due to a smaller thermister in the port..Correct?

What should I pay for remanufactured E7TE heads?

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Welcome to AFM!

Please please please (1001x) don't put E7TE heads on a 351 :nono:

What exactly is this motor going into?
The motor is out of a Ski Centurian Boat. So why not the E7TE? Is there a better replacement (with same size bolts etc)?
I'm not sure about what the requirements are for a marine motor, but one of the most restrictive pieces on our 302s is the E7TE heads. Mounted on a larger cubic inch motor will make them even more inadequate. The main difference between the 2 heads (E7s and E5s) is the combustion chamber size. The E7s have a smaller combustion chamber, this will raise the compression ratio.
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For a factory boat that you want to keep factory (mpg) then at least run some gt40 heads, may even consider polishing the ports yourself they should run around $350 just make sure you wont have any other $ in them or they will be a waste as you could get EDelbrocks for $800
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