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2009 Ford Mustang Base 4.0L 5 Speed- 110,000 Miles
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What's up y'all

I am planning out a single turbo kit for my 09 4.0L. Before anyone says it, I'm doing this just for fun and because I finally have some adult money and a garage. I've had this car since high school, and always wanted to V8 swap it. However, I came into a steal of a 96 GT. Now that I have my V8 fix, I'd really like to play around with the 4.0L. My question here is does anyone know of turbo manifold for any of the 4.0L motors? Stang, Ranger, Explorer? I have my doubts as I've been searching all over the place. Obviously I could get one made, or rig up something using a shorty and say an STi style "up" pipe (yikes) assuming I could get the specs to match up, but if possible I'd love to buy a pre fabbed turbo mani. The rest I can probably make happen; I'm no master mechanic but a buddy of mine and I rigged up an old Saab turbo on a 91 Integra back in the day.. lol. For anyone who HAS dared to turbo a 4.0, what avenue did you take for the manifold?This isn't gonna be a 3 day project, I plan on tinkering with this every day after work for a little while to get it just right. Anyway, if anyone knows of a prefabbed turbo manifold give me a holler.

I tried to check the forums to see if anyone had asked this question recently and found nothing. Apologies in advance if I'm duplicating threads.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
-Rob rock.gif[/SIZE]
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