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Ford CS: ETA vs. ETA Window?

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That's right, it's another whiny "where's my 'stang?" thread.

So, today is supposedly my ETA, but according to my dealer, there's still no sign of it. I called Ford Customer Service, who told me that it took the BNSF railway 1 week to get my car from Flat Rock, MI to Albuquerque, NM, but has been just sitting in Albuquerque (which is just 200 miles from here) for the past week and half.

Ford CS:"Your ETA is July 2nd, which is today."

Me: "So why is it sitting in Albuquerque?"

Ford CS: "Well, your ETA window is July 2nd-9th."

Me: "I thought you said it was today..."

Ford CS: "No, that's your ETA. Your ETA window is between now and next week."

Me: "Umm, what's the difference between those two?"

Ford CS: "Your ETA is on page 1 of my program. You ETA window is on page 2."

Me: "Gee, thanks."

Anyone know what the difference is? I realize I have little room to complain here since I only ordered my car 6 weeks ago while others have ordered as far back as February, but I'd still like to know when I'll actually get to drive the thing...I was really looking forward to showing it off at my friend's 4th of July party.
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Well, scratch my original whining. I just got a call from the dealer saying that my 5.0 just arrived on the lot this evening!

Unfortunately, it seems like when the original order was placed, someone forgot to include the "rear spoiler delete" option. Ah well, I can live with a spoiler...certainly more so than waiting another 6-8 weeks for them to order a new one.

Looks like I'll be driving it off tomorrow!
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