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With 250 cars slotted for production in 2017 and a further 250 cars coming in 2018, we all know how rare the Ford GT will be--even rarer will be authorized Ford GT service centers. 

AFM has recently acquired an internal dealer document detailing requirements necessary for becoming an authorized Ford GT service center.  Since the car will be produced in such limited quantity not all dealers that sell the Ford GT will be required to service the car.

Dealers will be required to follow strict protocol along with a $30,000 investment in unique equipment and a specialized enclosed transport trailer for pick-up and delivery of the Ford GT from the clients home or workplace.

Because the Ford GT is hand built to individual customer tastes by Multimatic, the service strategy is unique and unlike anything Ford dealers have dealt with in the past.

Ford GT Service and Repair Groups

Only certified Ford GT service dealers will be able to purchase repair parts or submit warranty claims.

There are three escalating levels of repair requirements:

Group 1 service work entails regular maintenance and light repair work; Group 2A includes more complex diagnosis involving guidance from one of Multimatic's own technicians; Group 2B tackles even more complex repairs requiring a "Fly-in Doctor" from Multimatic; Group 3 involves major repairs like collision damage or major powertrain issues, in these instances the car will be shipped back to Multimatic.

Ford GT Customer Handling

The Ford GT is the most expensive product ever sold by FoMoCo, as such the caliber of clients require a different level of attention than your typical FiST bro.

Only Master Ford techs will be eligible for Ford GT technical training at Multimatic's facility in Markham, Ontario.

The Ford GT Concierge will act as a conduit for service scheduling and consulting on the client side; along with providing dealers with technical service assistance and a hotline to Multimatic.

For warranty work, dealers will be required to pick-up and deliver the car, the expenses involved with pick-up and delivery will be baked into the cost of repairs. Certified Ford GT service dealerships will be required to purchase a specialized transport trailer to facilitate transportation to and from the client.

In unique circumstances the certified technician may be required to perform repairs at the clients home.

Beyond that, each dealer will designate someone from the service management side who must be directly reachable at all times should they be required to receive the car after hours and store it inside the building for the sake of safety.

Shop Requirements

Beyond specific customer handling requirements, Ford stipulates specific shop requirements for servicing the Ford GT:

Ford GT Hoisting Procedures

Because the Ford GT is built around a carbon fiber tub a la race car you can't just lift it like you would a Mustang or F-150.

Technicians must use the GoJak 4520 wheel lift dollies to raise the wheels as much as possible in order to gain enough clearance for the hoist arms and lift interface pucks to get at the aluminum lift points underneath.

Additionally, because the GT is a mid-engine car specific care must be taken to ensure the car is safely balanced on the hoist. Ford says the GT's center of gravity is roughly where the fuel filler door is.

Ford GT Transport Trailer Requirements

As mentioned above, Ford GT service dealerships are required to pick-up and deliver the car from the client using a specific trailer that can accommodate the ground clearance, width and doors of the Ford GT.

Ford recommends the JIMGLO Elite trailer:

Ford will add certified service dealers as needed. Ford will notify dealers who enrolled in the program with adequate time ahead of a GT arriving in the area in order to make the necessary upgrades.



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