Ford took to Twitter recently to unveil a new graphics package and some new colors for its mid-engine supercar, the GT.

A gif shows the car in red, white, and blue, though we expect that was more a nod to the Fourth of July than it was an exhaustive list of coming colors. Either way, the gif does confirm that a new graphic along the intake behind the doors will help highlight the GT’s muscular hips.

It also appears to show a singly racing stripe running down the middle of the car rather than the more familiar pair of stripes.

The tweet also reveals that, like the Liquid Carbon package GT, the 2021 car will make 660 hp, 13 more than the current standard model.

The Liquid Carbon Edition improved airflow by 50%, upgraded its pistons, and got new ignition coils all of which helped give it more power and broadened the torque curve.