The Beijing Auto Show kicked off this week and Ford was there showing off its Mach-E. Fine, but what really caught the eye of American media was the design sculpture that the Mach-E shared the stage with.

The “art installation,” as Ford calls it, is specifically a look forward at Ford China’s next-generation design language. It celebrates the establishment of Ford’s China Design Center, which will open its doors in October.


Ford also has religiously avoided associating this design with an actual vehicle. All of those caveats expressed, though, the design does look uncannily like a Mustang.

Indeed, Ford says that its next generation of design language will be defined by “Progressive Energy in Strength.” The sculpture, says Ford, is an interpretation of speed and power.

With muscular shoulder lines, a broad grille, and lines that come to a point, the preview looks like it’s “leaning forward with progressive energy.”


If this is, indeed, a preview of the 2023 Mustang, the design looks more evolutionary than revolutionary, which is fine. The current Mustang still looks good and cleaning up its lines and lengthening the fastback all makes sense.

The next-gen Mustang is expected to arrive in 2022 as MY2023 and recent reports suggest that it will be around until 2031. Rumored to be based on the Explorer platform, the Mustang will be RWD.