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Ford just announced new customer focused changes to its Motorcraft line of OEM parts. 

The improvements are focused on delivering a more competitive price structure which should improve parts availability at dealers, distributors and independent repair shops.

"We are listening to our customers and taking significant steps to give them what they want,” said Marc Liskey, manager, Repair Product Planning Maintenance & Light Repair, North America. “Offering competitive pricing and consolidating parts will make it easier to stock and sell Motorcraft parts, helping dealers, distributors and installers to do their job more effectively and improving customer satisfaction in the process.”

The move aims to up the frequency of genuine Motorcraft parts used by independent shops servicing out-of-warranty vehicles, who will often opt for aftermarket components based on cost. Ford believes its new cost structure will expand the use of Motorcraft parts and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Going hand in hand with Motorcraft's new price structure is a consolidation of parts lines. Making parts common across different years and models means repair shops are often stocking several variations of the same parts, consolidation helps free up shelf space, along with simplifying inventory for smaller shops.

Lastly, considering the average age of American vehicles on the road hovers around 11.5 years, Motorcraft has announced it will expand its coverage of older models.

“Motorcraft has a very strong reputation in the industry as a provider of OE quality parts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles that always fit right, are easy to install, and are backed by a strong limited warranty,” said Brett Wheatley, executive director, Ford Customer Service Division. “We’re building on these advantages by expanding our coverage to older models with attractive parts pricing and simplified product lines to make it easier for our dealers and installers to stock the Motorcraft parts our customers are looking for.”



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