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It turns out that dropping a Chevy LS into a classic Ford Mustang isn't the most sacrilegious engine swap around. We've found one that will have the heads of both automakers spinning in their graves. It's a 1968 Ford Mustang with an Italian heart. A Ferrari V8.

American Legends is a Phoenix-based hot rod and muscle car shop. And this project might be the most extreme they've ever tried. The shop is taking an F136 Ferrari V8 (in this case, actually pulled from a Maserati) and dropping it between the Mustang's frame rails.

But that powerful V8 isn't staying stock. Two massive turbochargers have been bolted on to the intake of a Ferrari California to make this pony really scream. Far from stock, the rest of the car is getting Ride Tech air suspension, hours and hours of custom bodywork, and even special taillights.

Fitting the engine and then adding power is a massive undertaking, so this car is still a work in progress. But we can't wait to see it when it's done. And then hear the flat-plane V8 scream while onlookers stare with confusion.

Purists might have it, extremists will love it, but it's a hell of an effort. Let us know in the comments which way you fall on the Corruptt Mustang.

[source: American Legends]


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