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In case you're new to this car thing, the Ford Mustang is kinda popular in classic or contemporary guise. 

According to data pulled by the vintage vehicle aficionados at , the Ford Mustang was the most searched for vehicle during the 2016 calendar year, generating some 3.7 million unique searches. It also led in state-by-state statistics, where it was also the most searched for collector car in a quarter of all states.

To put the Mustang's dominance in perspective, the next closest vehicle was the Chevrolet Impala topping searches in  seven states, followed by the Camaro which was most popular in just five places.

It's unsurprising that domestics would dominate the interest of the 330,000 searches per day and 3 million unique visitors the site plays host to each month, with cars like the Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Charger, and Chevy Nova all featuring at the top of vartious state search rankings.

There are some odd choices on the list as well, the Buick Skylark was most wanted in Maine, the Dodge Polara is popular in Alaska, and some Southern states are smitten with  old Ford and GM pickup trucks.

Only Connecticut favored an import, with the 1966-68 Mercedes-Benz 250SE shooting to the top. However, the most popular European ride was the Volkswagen Bus, which collected 240,656 searches last year, the favorite Japanese vehicle was unsurprisingly the Datsun Z, with 157,265 unique searches.


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